Drawing Upon Gaia Ritual

Sitting or standing,relax your body. Allow your mind to enter the earth. Feel its warmth and strength.

Pull that warmth and strength up to the top of your head. You can imagine the green tops of a tree, the sky above, of the light of the sun.

Move the energy back down through your body. Send this energy out around you into a sphere. Here you are safe. Here you feel the warmth of Gaias arms as they embrace you.

You can make this ritual as complex or as simple as you wish by casting a full circle and calling the elemental quarters or you can simply to the meditation.

“As it is said in the Hermetic tradition ‘As above, so below’”

“I honor Gaia, Great Goddess, Earth Mother, Creatrix. Bless me with your presence and wisdom. So be it.”

You can chant the “om” or “ah”. Think of the plants and animals you see each day. The trees, grass and other beings. When done, take a moment to listen for her voice and meditate.

“I am thankful for what has been provided. May I never thirst, may I never hunger. May I remember that we are all a part of Gaia.”

Allow all of the energy to return to the earth without making yourself dizzy.


St. Louis Pagan Picnic

I’ll be in St. Louis for the Pagan Picnic on June 7th and 8th. Stop by my author’s booth and say hello! Signed copies of Rooted in the Body Seeking the Soul will be available for sale. I’ll also be conducting workshops. Saturday from 1-2 in the Water workshop area for the Beginning Meditation workshop.  Sunday from 12-1 in the Air workshop area I’ll be discussing the connection between scientist Lovelock and Gaian Neo-Paganism.

The 5 Don’ts to be a Successfully Published Author

No.1: Do not start the BOOK PUBLISHING search before you complete your book

“… unless you are absolutely sure that your manuscript will be complete before some book publisher who has liked your proposal demands it, do not start the process. Nothing is worse than getting a book publisher interested only to ask him to wait a little while longer for your book.”

No. 2: Don’t skimp on the steps in the BOOK PUBLISHING APPLICATION PROCESS

No.3: Don’t jump into SELF PUBLISHING just yet.

“With self publishing you will hold your book in your hands, but that’s where it stops. Unless you’re willing to take the initiative and expend effort into marketing and promoting your self published book, you will be stuck with a book and not much else.”

No.4: Once you get your manuscript in, DO NOT FIGHT THE BOOK PUBLISHER

“Let’s accept the reality here: a book publisher is putting his money and risking his revenues and profits on your work, sabotaging your book is the last thing on his mind. At most book publishing houses even though one book editor communicates with you, the decisions are taken by many. Trust the guys who know the deal.”

No.5: Don’t rely on the INCOME FROM BOOK WRITING, at least not initially

“Book Writing is a highly rewarding career, it is financially rewarding too but to expect a windfall is taking things a tad too far. On the royalties from one book you can barely sustain yourself for more than a few months.”

Read the full article at The Published Author.

Rooted in the Body, Seeking the Soul at Amazon.com

Now that the book has been published, it’s time for me to get the word out. I hope readers here will help by talking about the book and ordering it.

I’m pleased, no thrilled, to announce that Rooted in the Body, Seeking the Soul is available at Amazon.com Soon there will be a Kindle ebook copy. Kindles are great if you have low vision and need to adjust the font size.

If you would rather purchase from a local book store, ask them to stock Rooted in the Body, Seeking the Soul on their shelves.

Thank you!

Rooted in the Body, Seeking the Soul: Magic Practitioners Living with Disabilites, Addiction, and Illness

The book is finally available for purchase from Megalithica books!

This anthology explores magical, occult, and esoteric topics from the view points of practitioners who are disabled, part of the Deaf and Blind communities, or have an illness or addiction. Though the voices collected here come from diverse social, magical, and national backgrounds, they don’t represent every individual’s story. The only way to understand the personal history and feelings of any one is to share in open dialogue.

One purpose of this anthology is to help those struggling with a disability, injury, illness, or addiction find comfort in the fact that they are not alone. Some of the authors, like myself, turned to a magical practice as a way to find healing and the anthology included rituals and stories about healing. Covens, circles, temples or any other type of magical group can use it as a resource toward understanding members or potential members with disabilities. There are interviews with professional counselors, including Drake Spaeth, previously with Circle Sanctuary, about assisting Pagans and magic practitioners that are useful to anyone in the medical profession. Those interviewed also include Dee of PaganFM, author Janet Callahan, and Kimberly Kirner, PhD who conducted the Pagan Health Survey I and II.

If you are a book reviewer, member of the press, or have a blog, please contact me so I can get you a PDF version to review. tara.miller21 (at) gmail.com